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We know that insurance claims can sometimes be overwhelming. Are you tired of the insurance company not returning your calls or emails, and when they do reply it is usually to deny you coverage or reimbursement of money you are rightfully owed, insurance adjusters are trained to Deny- you benefits Delay-your process and Defend- the decisions they make, We are the leaders in our industry with a record of over 30,000 insurance claim denials overturned, we achieve these results by constantly training and educating our staff to constantly be a step ahead of the claims process


Steps to Resolve a bad Insurance claim

The first step is for us to inspect the property and compare damage to what was paid or denied on your insurance estimate. Then we have our attorney define your policy coverage's so you have a true understanding of what is legally covered by your policy, then we will assess the damages and apply current building codes to the insurance estimate, insurance carriers will deny you code coverage that is required by state law and can be easily verified with local government agencies, they will go as far as to lie about these factors of your claim, we tell every customer to communicate by email only as to record the entire process.


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